"the tunisian marble alliance" Group has been active since 1987 in exploring, excavating marble and stone quarries. Transforming, and commercializing the finshed products.

The group currently owns 12 deposits of different color stones with unlimited availability of material, The quarries are equip-ped with the most modern machineries for every type of extr-action (excavation) operated by technicians of great experience.

Part of the group are also two marble factories transforming the material with machines of the most modern technology which can satisfy every kind of requirements.

The group "MARBRE TUNISIEN" is present on the market with a variety of products such as blocks, slabs, floor tiles, wall tiles, cut to size and every type of finish.Some materials with cons-iderable production are exclusivity of the G.M.T.

To better serve our customers. Two commercial offices are operating to assure a constant and total assistance to our clientele. Providing the best service in terms of procurement of material, continuity, delivries and quality.